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I met Steph in March2014, when I first came out of the closet in Blackpool. Steph's Dressing
Service was recommended to me. She helped a, fully made-up & dressed, fledgling Becky take her
first steps in the wide open world. With her help my confidence has grown. I have seen Steph about
twice a year since. I continue to seek her advice and have a photoshoot session, sometimes trying on
clothes from her vast collection. She is warm, friendly and very helpful. I thoroughly recommend
her services.
A word of caution, the kettle is always on – she likes her cups of tea, fortunately so do I. Thank you
Steph.                                       2020

The maid was so excited to be visiting Miss Stephanie's again. The maid had had a request for a photo shoot and Miss was very kind enough to indulge the maid. This included allowing a lot of the clothes to be delivered directly to Miss (which was such a wonderful service). On the day of the visit the maid was greeted so very warmly by Miss Stephanie (as always) and was dispatched upstairs to open all her parcels, Christmas had indeed come early. Once the maid was dressed Miss did such a wonderful job with the maid's make up and gave such good advice regarding the hair and make up. The maid can't express how good Miss Stephanie is with a camera and her advice was invaluable. The maid had been requested to pose as Red Riding Hood and Miss had even located a spot in a local part where pictures of the maid in the woods could be shot. Miss drove the maid there and the maid wishes she had been brave enough to go through with it, but perhaps that is for the next visit. After a wonderful morning back at Miss Stephanie's taking some superb photos for the maid's portfolio (including some in the Red Riding Outfit) the maid was permitted to change into something a little more respectable before Miss took the maid out for lunch. The maid has never been into a town center in broad daylight and the experience was so very intense but Miss Stephanie's confidence was infectious and the maid had a truly delightful time. All in all Miss Stephanie provided a delightful experience and some wonderful photos for the maid. Thank you So much Miss and the maid can't wait until her next visit. Yours as always, maid Debbie.
Steph is all you need if you can get to Blackpool, which I recommend (and travel 200 miles to get there as often as I can), whether you are looking for just a photo session, wanting to have you first trip out en femme, or if you are a regular dresser who is looking for some good photographs or make up to try a new look, or for an evening out. She does not take things too seriously (except her work) and is non-judgmental and unshockable - so ask if you want to try anything that is reasonable. Steph is also able to help if you need parcels received and stored and will generally go out of her way to help, offering lifts to your hotel, etc. Others might offer better service in one aspect or other, but for a good all-round experience I would go nowhere else.

All the best.

Isobel                     2020

Sallyff   2.3.2020
Such a fabulous afternoon makeover. You made me feel so good.
See you soon. 

Jane 14/8/2017
Dear Steph, your a lovely person, and a great inspiration to us girls who strive to look like beautiful women, in my case Sophia Loren, and you my dear girl are the double of Bridget Bardot xx

04-08-17 - It's been a long time coming but I finally worked up the courage to go out dressed up as Chloe and I must definitely say it's been one of the best experiences of my life. I do have stephpanie to thank for that. Her encouragement and amazing make-up skills gave me the courage to step out. If you're ever in the Blackpool area, send her a message about the dressing service she provides. You will not be disapointed.

  Visited the lovely Stephanie in Blackpool for a professional makeover. The scheduled 3 hour visit became 4 hours. The pampering was so nice and the transformation was beyond my wildest dreams, I actually looked rather nice, well I thought so anyway. Stephanie is a marvel with the makeup brush and behind the camera. I even came away with a dress, a blouse, a satin skirt and some lashes at very, very reasonable cost. I felt so relaxed, so good and so.......feminine. Thank you Stephanie, I can highly recommend your services. Cannot wait to view the photographs tomorrow and maybe share some on this site. Kay. XXX

My name is Gloria, I am a very mature Transvestite living in the north west of the UK

Having been dressing for a very long time, I wanted to give myself a treat for my Birthday.

so I looked on the internet for a TV dressing service.

I found one in Blackpool  www.stephanieinblackpool.co.uk

I telephoned Stephanie for information and to make a booking

Stephanie was very nice to me on the telephone and as I was very nervous she soon put me at ease and made me feel like somebody special.



 Just wanted to say a proper big thank you  for the brilliant day I spent with you on Tuesday .It was beyond all my expectations.Your range of outfits is superb and  photos were all excellent .
Also thank you for taking me out for the first time , the whole days experience has really motivated me to become Fiona much more often .
Thanks so much again 

Dear Steph

You really are an artist; you managed to create the various looks that I had imagined so well. And possibly a magician too as in the photos it’s as if I’m the age that I feel rather the one that I have to own up to. As before it was a real pleasure and the time flew by. I’d recommend your dressing service to anyone because it delivers what it promises which others often fail to do. There’s a great collection of clothes, the environment is really nice and the bonus of your sense of humour and general friendliness. It’s a pity that you’re such a distance but I certainly hope that I’ll have the opportunity to visit again before too long.
Very best regards.


Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for the experience and your professionalism,I was amazed how I became confident.
The photos were quality and I look forward to viewing them properly time permitting.I will look forward to visiting again .


 My first visit toSteph's was absolutely perfect in every way, because she is a natural in making you feel at ease prior to your arrival , and makes it easy to take those first steps across the threshold.
I was initially nervous and very cautious, but Steph makes you feel at ease and goes out of her way to make you feel relaxed"
Thanks to her providing a big welcome you needn't feel worried, she is 100% discreet and gives valuable advice, so there is no need to worry".
I love it at Stephs

 Steph what can I say about my makeover.As I write this I am almost in tears, I haven't felt so good in such a long time, yesterday was such a life changing experience.The confidence and knowledge I gained has taught me so much about Tara and what a big part of me she is .I now feel I know where the path of happiness is .A path that has been so overgrown and lost to me.All for a short time with you trying  out new ideas and outfits I would have never thought about.Anyone thinking about having a makeover should visit you, they will gain far more than they realise .I cannot thank Steph enough.
Forever in you debt